About Us

Timeless, Mystical, Natural Beauty!

A naturally perfect beauty program recreated from centuries old beauty secrets and formulae.

In the late 1930’s, British singer and actress, Angela Wall, opened her exclusive beauty salon in Hanover Square, London. Her clients, who reportedly included members of the Royal Family, were treated with her own brand of all-natural beauty creams.

Legend has it that the creams were based on recipes developed centuries earlier in a convent in France. There nuns produced the creams using ingredients from the Abbey grounds and sold them to raise funds. Angela Wall improved and perfected the product and the brand name “Angela Wall” was established.

Decades later the Angela Wall of London products are manufactured exclusively in South Africa and recreated to suit today’s woman.

This ALCOHOL-FREE range has been awarded Halaal Certification, is not tested on animals and does not contain any harmful ingredients.

The basic ingredients are known, used and trusted by women throughout the ages to enhance and maintain the natural beauty of their skin.  The range is suitable for all skin types.

HONEY: Has often been described as the wonder of nature, known for its curative and restorative qualities.

ALMOND OIL: A natural emollient, rich in Vitamin A and a superb moisturizer.

ROOIBOS: A rich, natural anti-oxidant, indigenous to South Africa

It Works Naturally!